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Between novels I occasionally found an idea that was suited to the short story form. Travel often provoked ideas: both “Conor and The Polish Girl” and “Newton’s Swing”, were inspired by holidays. “Newton’s Swing” was never published as a short story. Instead, after languishing in a drawer for a couple of years, it became the first chapter of my fifth novel. Others were written for specific events. “The Possiblities of Love” was a piece I wrote for the fringe festival in Brighton. It concerns a pub pianist. A friend wrote a piano score and accompanied the reading.

Stories tend to belong to a defined period or moment in time. Many of the pieces in here are like diary entries in that I can remember the context in which they were written. For many years the BBC was the only market for them. Nowadays  a number of the national newspapers are running them, there are a couple of big money prizes and even short story festivals. The genre is alive and well. In the following pages you’ll find most of my stories: 

Conor and the Polish Girl

The Silent Dancer

Barry's Van

The Glass Bridge

The Red Car

Darkness in Degrees

My Old Man

The Possibilities of Love

The Ant Killer

Newton's Swing


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